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Friday, May 27, 2011

Another graduation! {Seth}

What can I say that I haven't already said?  This time I was able to be at Seth's Tae Kwan Do graduation but Brad wasn't.  He was very excited because it's so close to the end of the school year and he thought he wasn't going to get chosen to attend the trail classes the school has been supporting... but he did!
Again, since only one parent was there (and she was taking pictures) Seth chose his brother, Garrett to hold the board for him to break.  -now it's gone full circle!
Garrett seemed pretty sure of himself, not scared or nervous that Seth might miss and hit him in the face! (I guess that confidence comes from him having done this before)
Seth went for the blow when Instructor Rhee gave the go-ahead and Garrett tensed for the action.
He did it!  They hugged it out.
Instructor Rhee noticed and came over to tell them how cool it was that they had each other as friends as well as brothers.  I've noticed them growing closer at home too.  It makes my heart smile.
So Seth broke the board and earned his new belt & certificate (which is already framed and hanging in his room)
I really want to find money in our budget to keep these boys in Tae Kwan Do for the Summer if not longer.  I believe it has been a significant factor in them building better self-esteem and learning to show respect for their parents, teachers and others as well as themselves and each other too! 


Anonymous said...

how nice . I'm happy for ur boys . I hope they can go this summer .

Diane said...

Don't know why I am just now getting to reading this.....oh yeah I've been BUSY! LOL
Again, you told the story and I feel like I were there. I'd be happy to help out so the boys can continue this through the summer.

Jena said...

You've got a handful of winners! (and graduates)