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Friday, May 20, 2011

Haven {Kristi Cook}

Kristi Cook - Haven
Offered for review by Simon & Schuster
 Available now through May 30, 2011 (for free online review)

Destiny brought them together. Now it will tear them apart.
Violet doesn’t understand why she feels drawn to the Winterhaven School, she just knows it’s the right place for her. When she discovers the school’s secret, it all makes sense: everyone at Winterhaven has psychic gifts. For the first time in her life Violet doesn’t have to hide her visions. She’s always seen them as a curse, but now she can hone her ability and try to control it.
But she’s thrown completely off balance when she meets the most alluring—and most mysterious—boy in school. She’s never connected with anyone the way she does with Aidan, and the intensity takes them both by surprise. But as their relationship deepens, she begins to have visions of Aidan’s death—and sees that she’s the one who’s fated to kill him.
Violet’s never been able to prevent her visions from coming true. But this time she’ll do whatever it takes... even if it means sacrificing herself for the boy she loves.

My Review
Upon reading the above synopsis I was intrigued and excited to get started on this debut novel by Cook.  After reading some fairly unattractive reviews (and apparent spoilers) I remained open-minded. I'm sad to say this book didn't seem to have a lick of originality to it and although it was an easy and entertaining read, it really did nothing for me.  Had it taken me longer than a day to read I would feel very much like I'd wasted my time.  Truthfully, I was unimpressed.  Better luck next time Cook.

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