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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First Swim {2011}

This Memorial Monday Lauren invited us to come swimming (if the weather permits) - seriously, yesterday it was COLD & WINDY - miraculously, today there's not a cloud in the sky!
We had such a great time! 

Lauren & Ryan
Let me just say, that water was c-c-c-c-cOld!!!  But Ryan didn't seem the least bit phased, he just sat there chillin'.
 Now, I don't know if it runs in the family genes, is a mother thing, or is learned behavior but this is how I saw Lauren (and she likely saw me) nearly the entire day!  -Gotta capture these moments, right!
Tristen had a blast tickling Ryan's toes under the water!
He's a natural!  Started kicking his feet and everything!
I just love this natural smile of Lauren's - she's such a proud momma!
 He can touch the bottom (flat footed) in the 5' center of the pool!!
 Blowing bubbles in the pool water to make Ryan laugh.
Seth & Ryan
 Seth, caught off guard - he wasn't wanting his picture taken today for some reason.
 Seth would go under the water and look up at Ryan then pop up and splash him!  It was so cute to watch my boys interact with a baby again!

 Ryan would try to pull Seth's goggles off.
Garrett pretty much stayed to himself, just enjoying the water (cold/hot) going from the pool to the jacuzzi and back all day.
 I'm just loving these Summer freckles!
 Hayden was getting used to his water wings again.
 He's got adorable Summer freckles too... see?
 A couple of years ago Garrett got this beach towel for his birthday, it's really cool because the towel is a checkers game board.  Here he & Hayden played checkers (taking a break from the water).
 Ryan had a little snack and passed out cold!  (nice timing, Lauren was just leaving to get a pizza!)
 He said, "PIZZA?!! I want some!
 As soon as his momma walked in...
 ...with this!
 Awesome!  Pizza at the pool!

And that's how we spent Memorial Day 2011 - how about you?


Diane said...

It was nice of Lauren to invite you guys over. Looks like everyone had a great time. I'm wondering WHERE is the picture of YOU???? I can't get over how big the boys are getting. That Hayden is so tall! Tristen is a great little babysitter! I love their summer freckles too!

The Family of Logo said...

I'm always on the other side og the lens! Lauren got a photo of me, you can find it on her Facebook page, I think she tagged me in it so it may be on mine as well.

April Winder said...

I am so glad you post these blogs...I may not always comment but I do see them. What a great Memorial Day! The girls and I spent Saturday hanging out with old friends Cat and her three kiddos came over for the day. Then Sunday we spent the entire day outside playing in the sprinklers and having a water balloon fight. Then we stayed up super late on Sunday night playing games and watching movies with Papa. So...when the actual Memorial Day came...we spent the entire day lounging on the couch and preparing for school the next day! Lol!

The Path Traveled said...

Looks like yall had a fun time. I loved seeing all the photos of the boys. They are all so cute. I have had freckles all my life. I didn't know they were called cute Summer time freckles. LoL! Next time get in some of the shots. A know another person , we wont call names, who wont get in the family photos either. HMMM... did yall make a pack or something? We dont do facebook so I cant take a peek there.

Anonymous said...

what fun . hes cute !