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Friday, May 13, 2011

A story by Hayden Logo {The Rainbow Planet}

The Rainbow Planet
By Hayden R. Logo
(at age 4-1/2)

I live on the planet Earth and sometimes I run and spin fast for fun, but if I was in space and could choose my own planet I would pick the Rainbow planet. For fun, people on the Rainbow planet are always looking for the end of the planet and the shiny, rainbow treasures that are supposed to be there. The Rainbow planet is a largish-big, orange circle with one yellow line. People from the Rainbow planet have rainbow-colored eyes. Everything on the planet is rainbow-colored. Or maybe it’s just because they see rainbows everywhere because their eyes are rainbow-colored. But I don’t think so, because I’m from the Earth planet and my eyes are sometimes grey or blue or green but when my eyes are those colors, I don’t only see those colors, I see all kinds of colors, but not like rainbows. I think people who live on the Rainbow planet have rainbow-colored skin too. It would be neat to be as colorful as a rainbow.

Hayden told me this story while watching me edit photos, one of which was this
Now that's what I call one heck of an imagination!  I love my little authors!  I will cherish this story as I have the one Seth J. Logo wrote (and had published) at age seven called Jack and Burple.


The Path Traveled said...

How sweet is this and he is a doll! Thank you for sharing .

Anonymous said...

hi sweet boy ! I love your story ! your so cute ! keep up the good work , u may one day write a book .

April Winder said...

Love it! Oh! and Jack and Burple is one of the girls favorites! They read it all the time!