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Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Divisive Tongue {Day 5}

Day Five: - The Divisive Tongue
Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God - Matthew 5:9

Divide and conquer is one of Satan's most effective strategies for hindering the effectiveness of any effort undertaken by two or more people.  He knows the power, synergy, and blessings that result when we work in harmony; therefore, he makes every effort to bring division.  Sometimes it is hard to believe, but there are people who deliberately engage in bringing dissension. 
The sixth chapter of Proverbs lists seven things that the Lord detests; among them is a man who stirs up dissension among brothers - Proverbs 6:9  We cannot afford to be ignorant of Satan's tactics to keep us at odds.  He will cause us to become offended over a harmless statement, to read more meaning into a comment than the speaker intended, to inscribe impure motives to someone's behavior, or to believe a lie.  Oh, that we would practice being more discerning!  The Holy Spirit will surely reveal the truth of a situation.  In fact, our conflicts can be stepping-stones to stronger relationships (with God as well as others) when we make a commitment to understand each other and to refrain from divisiveness.
Have you used your tongue to sow discord?  Know that anytime you tell another person something negative that someone else has said about them, your action will probably cause division.  This is not to say you should avoid warning a person about another who is not acting in his best interests.  However, you must be honest about your own underlying motive. 
As you recall the last time you used your tongue as a tool of divisiveness, consider what excuse you used for doing so.  Are you ready to repent for this sin? 
Not only are we to refrain from causing division, we must also become active agents of peace, using our best efforts to reconcile parties in conflict.

Today's Affirmation:
I will make every effort to speak words that engender peace and to refrain from any communication that causes disunity.

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