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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Loquacious Tongue {Day 28}

Day Twenty-Eight - The Loquacious Tongue
When words are many, sin is not absent, but he who holds his tongue is wise - Proverbs 10:19

Have you ever talked to someone who seemed to have diarrhea of the mouth?

I've had a very tough week and today at book club I fond myself discussing another touchy topic and now my devotion is slapping me in the face mouth? - I had to get that out, I'm gonna do this now, please continue.

(Ahem)  Have you ever talked to someone (or been someone) who seemed to have diarrhea of the mouth?  On and on she goes, from one topic to another.  Well, know from henceforth that the proper word for this malady is "loquaciousness."  It's just a big word for a "motor mouth" (ok, ouch!)  While it is generally concluded that females have cornered the market on this use of the tongue, men can be guilty too.  When in the presence of an incessant talker, it makes one wonder if that person is lonely (owe), has few opportunities to talk to others (adults), or just plain loves the sound of her own voice (not me, I pray that one's not me!).  Whatever the motivation, excessive talking tends not to glorify God.  The apostle Paul admonished the Thessalonians to study to be quiet - Thessalonians 4:11 To "study" implies a striving or intense effort. It will take some work to overcome this entrenched habit. 
(Nice, some practice techniques)
If in the midst of your conversation you find yourself veering down the path of loquaciousness, try these quick detours:
  • Simply stop talking and ask the other person an open-ended question that would cause him to respond with more than a simple yes or no.  For example, "John, what do you think about...?"
  • Make the talking count.  Make your motto "I am not a woman of few words, but I love to talk about things of God."  Share an interesting news story you've heard or an insight God has given you on a Scripture.  For example, rather than succumbing to a negative conversation, I will keep telling everyone about my "tongue fast" and the truths God has revealed from His Word during my search of the Scriptures.  Hopefully they'll listen with great interest and benefit.
Today's Affirmation:
When my words are many, sin is not absent, but when I hold my tongue, I am considered wise.

(Honestly, this does not help me today - I will have to revisit this one most frequently out of all these day's devotions, I think.  How's that for being transparent?)

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Diane said...

Yes, Ouch! I can feel this one, Amanda, you are not alone.
Love you and will lend my ear ANYTIME you want to talk to another adult!