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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hummingbird {update}

 A couple of days ago I wrote about the hummingbird's nest I'd found on my front porch wind chimes and went on and on about how excited I was about him.  Well, it was brought to my attention that he very well may be a she since it kept close to the nest all the time.  So I climbed up to sneak a peak at what might be inside when I saw that the nest was "empty."  Just look what I found!  Baby hummingbirds!  I was excited at the prospect of eggs, but birds - fascinating!
 Momma bird came all too quickly when she realized her babies were being photographed without her consent so these are the only two shots I got.  She was not happy with me!  She kept search for the danger, but I snuck back inside in hopes she'd feel safe again. 
 I have heard that when birds eggs, nests or babies have been "man-handled" the mothers will likely abandon them, I was so very worried as I sat on my couch with the front door opened (screen shut) waiting for her arrival once I noticed the nest was once again without her.
 And to my delight, she came back!  I'm so happy she didn't abandon her little ones on account of me!
On another note, while at the 99 cents only store looking for a larger pot to transfer my Mother's Day plant into (since it's actually growing) Hayden saw these little decorative ceramic bird houses and insisted I get one for our new bird.  I doubt the little flutter-er will even grace the house with it's presence but it was only $1.00 and it made my Hayden happy.  He wanted me to hang it right next to the nest so she wouldn't have to go very far.
 She hasn't seemed to notice it.
 Back to my "handling" of her teeny babies and aggravating her, I asked Brad to jimmy-fix our broken hummingbird feeder while I mixed up some fresh nectar for her as a peace offering.
 I placed it nearby in hopes that she'd feel comfortable eating from it, but I haven't yet seen her utilize it.  I guess she's happier collecting her own, see... *I shudder*... or is that materials for a new nest?  I pray she doesn't relocate!


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Anonymous said...

Totally awesome! I just put a hummingbird feeder up and they come around a lot too but I haven't noticed any nests. How blessed you are that she found your home makes her feel safe enough to raise her babies there!

April Winder said...

Sorry...I wrote a comment but didn't leave my name! Lol...it's me...April :)

Anonymous said...

cool . thanks for the baby shoots .

Diane said...

A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.