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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wow God Wednesday {6}

Congratulations to my Tristen! He's officially a Pirate now!!  June 23, 2011 he was accepted into Hesperia, California's Encore: Performing & Visual Arts School - Praise God!! That guy always has a surprise up His sleeve for me!  To all who have had to suffer my poor attitude and worrisome behavior over God's "mess up" by not having Tristen accepted to University Prep - I'm sorry and thank you for the prayers!! God worked it out even better!! Had it not been for me being hired to photograph Victoria Edsell's graduation ceremony, I would've never even heard of this school! Lord only knows why it took me 18 days to put two & two together and look this school up online. Literally! I went online June 22, signed up for a registration appointment (for the 23rd), drove over to pick up the enrollment packet, and the very next morning we met Tristen's new guidance counselor and got his class schedule!! This worked this out SO fast and with NO hic-ups, I just KNOW it was God!
I'm very impressed with Tristen's elective choices too! He chose Design Mix Media (where he will learn all about how to design web pages and video games), Karate, & Spanish. I'm SO proud of my boy! (And not-so-secretly thrilled that he doesn't have to go to Cobalt!)  I'm so stinking excited! I can't seem to function correctly! I'm overwhelmed with how God "tricked" me!!! I was SO BUMMED about Tristen having to go to the local public school but I was trying SO HARD not to show it. I was also very disappointed that God did not "answer my prayers" even though I was faithful, believed and spoke "truth" into Tristen going to University Prep... I know now that Encore is where God meant for Tristen to go all the while. It's amazing!  Wow, God!!

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Diane said...

This is Awesome News. Congratulations Tristen! I am sure you will do great at this school.