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Monday, June 27, 2011

Melt-Down Monday {7 of 7}

Well guys, we made it!  It's the end of the course; second for me, first for Diane) and we are quite proud of our accomplishments.

As most of you are fully aware by now, I have had a very stressful week.  It started with me realizing there was only one week left before the big birthday bash I was to throw for Garrett & Hayden so I had a LOT to do to finish preparing everything.  Plus my Tristen graduated Sixth grade (Yes! Of course I plan to blog all of that stuff!), so there was some stressful emotions bubbling beneath the surface because I'm a female and that's how we're made.  And finally-- my Garrett's unfortunate accident with breaking his arm.  So yeah, I expected to have a tough weight-loss week, not to mention, this was my second round of HCG and I've been told it doesn't come off as quickly or easily once your body has been on it for so long.  So when I tallied the pounds to realize I'd lost four whole pounds this week, I was impressed.  That gives me an overall weight loss (this course only) of 23.8 pounds - now, my personal goal for this course was 25 pounds but I'm okay with what I accomplished!  Now to just hold steady over the Summer - that will be tricky but necessary and I know that with God all things are possible! 
Here are some photos to enjoy:  I'm being told there aren't enough "skinny" pics of me being shared!
(although, for the record, I'm not done yet, not quite "skinny" by my standards - or my doctor's or the Wii for that matter! LOL!)
>>then a sneak peek of Tristen's Sixth Grade Promotion^

Now, I've mentioned on Facebook that I went bathing suit shopping and bought not one, not two, but THREE two-piece bathing suits... I've been contemplating whether or not to share photos of me in them, how proud am I that I can wear a two-piece after birthing four children?  How proud am I of the hard work I've put towards losing this weight?  Am I proud enough to show... HECK YES!!! 
Now I know I'm no super model and I HAVE had four kids so, there are plenty of imperfections and dimples in my shape but I'm so happy to be me, I'm gonna show you my midriff! 
I know I desperately need a tan and black makes the white really stand out but I've shown two of three, I may as well show it all! 
 Since my heaviest weight in February this year I am down a total of 48.7 pounds!  My long-term weight-loss goal is 78 pounds so I've got 29.3 to go!  I can do this, I can do this, I can do this - and in just ONE more course of HCG (prayerfully)!  I'll be back late August/early September for the finale!  Hopefully with a tan and after doing some serious toning and possibly using some scar removal cream for those stretch birthing marks!

This was our last week on Phase 2 of our diet plan. Now we are off to do maintenance. Instead of going and purchasing new clothes I decided I would take up my favorites. In this one pic you can see that I took them up in the inseam all the way approximately 1 1/2 inches! Then I put them on to show how they look. Well.......they are still loose! Guess I have to break down and purchase a new pair.....And I DID! The black Capri jeans are new and they are 3 whole sizes smaller than what I was wearing when I started this diet! I also broke down and purchased a new bathing suit since my daughter April said we would be going swimming when I come to get the girls.
This week I lost 4.7 lbs and my total weight loss for this 43 day HCG plan is...*drum roll*..... 26.5 pounds! 
Oh - And remember when I mentioned I will have to take in my bathing suit here?  Well, I decided to just go buy new ones!

Lauren has been on HCG now for nearly a week and has already shown a SERIOUS weight-loss of FOURTEEN POUNDS!!!  What!?!?!  If you're interested in following her progress find her new blog here.  I'm just so happy to be such an inspiration to others as someone came along and inspired me to get off my duff and finally do something about my weight instead of continuing to complain about it! 

We cannot thank you all enough for following our progress and supporting/encouraging us along the way!  I've got the best blog followers/Facebook friends on the planet!


Diane said...

Amanda you look absolutely FABULOUS
No wonder Roz and Shane did a double "woah" take at you when they saw you the other night. I am so darn proud of you!!!
Guess I should have sent you a pic of me in my new bathing suit to post huh???? LOL

April Winder said...

That is so awesome! I am proud of you guys...I know neither of you put your current actual weight in here and I understand that. I am curious, however, cause you both look so good. I bet we either all weigh the same or you both weigh less than me now! Lol! I have been going back to gymnastics and really enjoying it. I haven't noticed any weight loss but I do feel better about myself and really that's all I wanted. Congrats on accomplishing your goals. Love you both.

April Winder said...

BTW!!! I forgot to say...you BOTH looks amazing!!!!!!!!

Jena said...

You both look amazing! You could pass as sisters. I admire you both, I struggle with my weight also and it can be a roller coaster of emotions. Great job!