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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Melt-Down Monday {6 of 7}

Well, yesterday was a "Monday" if there ever was one!  I had my whole day planned from what I'd wear to what I'd get done, what I'd eat and a time frame for each thing to get accomplished -- but "Monday" had other plans for me and the only thing one my agenda that got accomplished was what I'd wear!  So, here it is, TUESDAY and I'm finally getting around to posting our second-to-last Melt-Down Monday update!  I can't believe how fast time has flown by!  Technically tomorrow is our last day on the HCG drops but it won't end there!  We are moving into Phase 3 - Maintenance; where we gradually increase our caloric intake to 11 x our current body weight within a three week period without the use of carbs or sugars.  This means adding milk, eggs, cheese, nuts, and oils to our current protein, veggies & fruit diet (certain fruits & veggies will still not be permitted due to their high natural sugar content).  After these three weeks, and we get our caloric intake up, we will begin adding carbs and sugars (in moderation) for the next three-four weeks to stabilize our systems.  Then and ONLY then can we begin another course of HCG if we have not yet reached our ultimate weight loss goal.  I believe we both plan to begin again August 21, 2011 but time is the really honest one here!  Now for this week's status report!

I decided to post some photos of a few meals I eat since some of you may be interested in beginning the HCG program and are still on the fence because of the strict 500 calorie a day rule.
Here is my lunch from yesterday. 
Fresh grilled Talapia, steamed asparagus, a garlic Melba toast and one cut of fresh cut strawberries.

For dinner I had "Tacos" - seasoned ground beef (7% fat or lower) wrapped in leaf lettuce with white cheddar Melba toast and apple slices (one whole medium apple)
Now for a testimony:  Brad had noticed that I haven't been wearing my wedding rings and started questioning me about it.  I explained to him that they were too big for me and I was afraid to wear them for fear of losing them.  So I took them in to have them resized... TWO whole sizes down!!!
I've always had such fat fingers, so don't let this shock you.  My rings were a size ELEVEN!!  Now they are a NINE!!  I've had to take my ten year anniversary ring in for repairs (one of my black opals fell out - - out my wonderful husband found it!) and down sizing as well! 
Sorry (to those who wanted them) but, no bathing suit pics from me this week, however, Mom -I mean Diane- has shared one!
Only 2 days left on drops and 5 days on 500 calorie dieting. I am so pleased with the results from this diet that I plan to do another round in August. I had to get my sewing machine out and start taking my clothes up! I even have to take up my bathing suit which was purchased after I had lost around 50 lbs from the lap band!

So there you have it folks! Oh!  Wait!  You wanted to know the amount of pounds we lost, didn't you?  Well, here you go -

Amanda lost 2.1 pounds
Diane lost 2.8 pounds

You may notice that the number of pounds lost each week is gradually decreasing.  That is due to our bodies having been affected by the drops for a period o time that now they are becoming "immune" if you will, to the effects of HCG.  This is one of the main reasons why the courses are set for 20 or 40 days, no longer.  This is why we MUST continue on to Phases 3 & 4 of the program before starting back at Phase 1.  Trust me, I don't want to spend the entire Summer stuck at my current weight but I also don't want to thwart my efforts by not following the rules properly.  You will see us again next week for the final weigh-in for this course and again in late August for the next!  Thanks so much for your continued support and encouragement!  If nothing else, having you readers to "answer to" held me accountable to stick with this second course (for Amanda) to the end.  Sincerely, thank you.


Diane said...

Wow, Thanks Amanda! I didn't loose 28 pounds, only 22. LOL
Still, that's good and I have the rest of this week to get to 25 pounds lost (goal was 30 but I know I won't make THAT!)
I have found so many people that have heard of or who have done the hCG diet. It's awesome to have all the encouragement from everyone.

The Family of Logo said...

You're such a silly-head! It says 2(point)8 for you and that's just for this past week - maybe this font is tough to read?? Input from anyone else?? It can be changed.

Ashley said...

I had no trouble reading it. The . is pretty close to the 2 but I read it correctly even without my glasses. :)

Great job ladies! I am so impressed!

Diane said...

Carrie Schindler commented on my email: WOW!!! You look great, Diane!!!! What a brave woman to pose in a bathing suit, but you deserve it. You really look fantastic! I am so glad you are having results with this. You deserve to be successful in keeping your weight off. You have worked really hard. Thanks so much for showing this to me! Congratulations to you and Amanda!