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Friday, June 24, 2011

Sixth Grade Promotion {Tristen Bradley Logo} - and Friends

It is so hard to fathom.  My child, my firstborn son, has completed seven years of school.  We celebrated his sixth grade promotion in style! 
I stayed up late the night before his promotion ceremony to hand-string $13.00 in ones and individually wrapped, color coordinated candies onto a lei for him to proudly wear as he stands with his peers in front of his and their family and friends to receive his certificate of completion.  (I meant to give him $20.00 but there wasn't room on the lei - don't worry, he still received a total of $20.00)
We arrived early enough for me to capture a few shots of my young man before the observance began.
 We ran into a couple of Tristen's buddies while we waited and took the opportunity to secure those memories.  Discovery stops at sixth grade and Tristen will most likely not be attending the school with his elementary friends next year (and the years to come).  He has made some strong connections in the seven years he attended Discovery, though and I'm sure they will follow him in the coming years, no matter where the other students end up going.
Tristen, Max and Dylan

Now, on to the ceremony
Mr. Hill - The Principle
 Max Pacheco
 Samuel Soares
Mr. Bragg - Math Teacher
 Dylan Beottcher
 Ian Dugan
 Laurenz Gamurot

Jason Browsman
Mrs. Chapman - Language Arts Teacher

My main man - Tristen Bradley!
Tristen's Promoting Class of 2011
Dylan, Tristen and Max
 Samantha Bailey

Tristen and Mr. Galvez
 We're so proud of his accomplishments! He was in all GATE (Gifted And Talented Education) classes, in the top of his class and is pursuing Technical Arts next year at Encore! We are all very excited to see where his education leads him, he is so brilliant!

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