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Monday, June 6, 2011

Melt-Down Monday {4 of 7}

When beginning a new diet the motivation and excitement really get your heart pumping at the prospect of losing weight.  It helps that our bodies tend to lose weight most quickly in the beginning, due to the "shock" I suppose. But, for me, this week has proven to be one of those weeks we all dread when dieting -- the plateau.  We know it's coming but we are always shocked when it happens to us!  I have no excuses.  I haven't strayed from the program although I've been extremely busy and found I was rarely able to ingest all of my allowed 500 calories each day or eat at the same times each day (like usual).  I'm not sure those things have anything to do with me not losing as much or if it's just my plateau time.  I only managed to lose 1.4 pounds this week, I'm happy to have lost something, but have been spoiled by the 5-7 pounds per week lost.  I hope to push past this plateau and show a higher weight loss next week.  I have 12 pounds to go in these  last 20 days on this program to make my next shot term goal -- pray for me!
Although I thought it a VERY funny story that was told last week about the person asking my hairdresser if they used fat free products on the hair........I had opportunity to experience that topical products containing oil and creams CAN indeed cause a weight GAIN! This past week without intending to I ended up "testing" Dr. Simeons Pounds and Inches book in the area of topical products that may contain oils or creams. Last week I had a procedure done on the large vein in my left leg. I had to put a cream on the area where they were to make the incision prior to going to the appointment. Once there, they did an ultrasound using ultrasound gel on my leg. Other than that I had not strayed whatsoever in the diet protocol, however, I DID GAIN WEIGHT! So, I'm sad to report that I only experienced a 0.6 pound weight loss for this week. Hopefully this next week will show a much better loss. I'm looking forward to it!
On another note, I'm happy to announce that my sister, Lauren, plans to join us on this program this week! 


Diane said...

At least you lost over a pound for the week! UGH, it gets discouraging but I'm not going to give up. I KNOW this diet works!!!
I am so excited that Lauren is going to be joining us. Looking forward to your story, Lauren!

Anonymous said...

Well some days are like that
Good luck this week