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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hayden's Birthday Party

Well, since I wasn't there, there's not much I can say about this party - but that certainly won't stop me from trying to interpret the photos my wonderful, loving husband and sister took!

Due to Garrett's accident occurring only a short time prior to the party, we did not have time to cancel and since Garrett's friends are also Seth & Tristen's friends, there was no need!  Look at all his supportive friends!!
 Weeks prior to this party, Brad and I made "dinosaur eggs" to hide and have the pre-schoolers find!
 Looks like Lauren took on explaining the rules...
 The best thing about finding them is cracking them open to see what hatches!
 Why, baby dinosaurs, of course!!
I had an area set up for crafting - not all of the crafts got set out but looks like the kids had a great time beading!  
Time to open presents!!
 He loved this card!!!
Now for time to eat!  Hayden has been very much into dinosaurs and rainbows lately but chose dinos as his party theme - I wanted to incorporate rainbows too and did so with the food!  
You're familiar with Rice Krispy treats, right?  Well - I made Fruity Pebbles Treats, then cut them up and made marshmellow kabobs with them!
 I also made a TON of cupcakes and mini cupcakes in a "rainbow" of colors topped with dinosaur rings!
 Then for the big finale - the cake!  A six-layered cake decorated with dinosaurs (Hayden was in for a surprise once it was cut open though) - just look!
 After all the planned festivities were complete, the kids had time for free play, enjoy these random photos of the rest of the party.
 Hayden & Emily (apparently they are quite smitten with each other!)

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