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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Garrett's After-Party

I kind of blew through this point in Garrett’s Whole Story post but it was no simple thing that Loma Linda’s ER attendants presented Garrett with birthday presents while he missed his party to have them fix his arm.  He wasn’t ready to open them in the hospital due to the medication he was given and its affects on him but when he was ready to open his birthday presents he wanted to open those first!  They hadn’t gone unnoticed or unappreciated!
Impressively, without knowing anything about Garrett’s personality or what his interests are they made remarkable choices in selecting the gifts to give him. 
He received a 10 pack boxed set of Hot Wheels,
 And a no-sew handmade fleece blanket, with a note attached from its makers/donators that read:
“Dear friend,
We made this blanket especially for you.  This blanket is meant to keep you cozy day and night.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it for you.  When we made it, we did it with lots of love.  Get well soon.  Never give up!
Your Friends,
Alani, Sarah & Michael”
-complete with a photo of them with the blanket and their teacher/mentor-
As Seth read the letter aloud, he choked on a few of the words and all of our eyes welled up with tears, especially Garrett’s.
 When he gingerly pulled this soon-to-be-his-favorite blanket out of its  plastic zippered bag, he realized it had dogs all over it!  He. Loves. Dogs. 
He wanted to pose with his gifts and have me take a picture so he can write a "thank you" letter to the ER staff and add his picture!  Then it took him some time before he was ready to open his other gifts.

But before he started opening his gifts from his friends, Hayden remembered he wrote a card for Garrett and made him a special bracelet at his party!
Can you feel the love?

Since Garrett's broken arm was still very sore and swollen, he let Tristen & Seth take turns helping him unwrap his presents.
-Back in March when Tristen & Seth got a lot of money for their birthdays, Seth loaned some to Garrett so he wouldn't feel left out when they went shopping.  Garrett's took his FIRST $30.00 and was excited to pay his brother back!
 Garrett enjoyed some birthday food that had been set aside for him.
He enjoyed coloring in Hayden's gigantic SpongeBob coloring book & he even had a visitor!
A few days later, when he was feeling up to it, I took Garrett shopping to pick out his bed set.
Overall, I'd have to say this was a very eventful birthday!

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